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(IPMA-SA Member Association)


Individual Membership

Individual Membership with the IPMA-SA enhances your status with colleagues and employers alike and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Because of the globally recognised status of project management as a critical management knowledge and skills set, employers are increasingly looking for staff with a record of project and programme management experience.

It  is also a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest development of the project management profession, both in South Africa and globally.


  • Networking within the community of the project management

  • Access to PM training and certification

  • Experience sharing through the success stories and from the leaders of the APMSA

  • New insights and the world benchmarking practices in the events provided by IPMA

  • National and international Events

  • Conferences and Workshops

  • Added Value

  • Rewards

  • IPMA Philosophy

  • Flexible Packages

  • Young Crew Membership


Corporate Membership

As the national body for the project management profession in South Africa, and associate of the International Project Management Assocciation (IPMA), the IPMA-SA is committed to the progression and development of project management capabilities in organisations, recognising the vital role that corporates play in this field.

The IPMA-SA is perfectly positioned to connect organisations that pursue  organisational excellence and are passionate about project management, providing opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded organisations. Through corporate partnerships the IPMA-SA facilitates and enables strategic collaboration that delivers value to all participants through shared knowledge and skills, creating an environment where ultimately all projects succeed.

The IPMA-SA Corporate Membership Programme will drive positive change in organisations with a passion for project management, providing them with a consistent approach and common language for their project management community through access to the IPMA-SA’s  resources, IPMA registered project management training programs and IPMA certification programs, including the IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline (IPMA OCB®).


  • Developing organisational competence

  • Certifying organisations

  • Uniquely only through IPMA, your entire organisation including individuals and projects, can be certified for organisational project management competence.

  • A global standard for organisational competence

  • Corporate Service Level Agreement

  • Consulting services

  • Project management frameworks

  • Project management systems

  • Training and Certification

  • National and international Events

  • Conferences and Workshops

Membership Type
R1,200 (ZAR)
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