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IPMA Level C: Certified Project Manager

For whom is this certification?
  • Level C certification is designed for experienced project managers who have demonstrated competence in managing projects of moderate complexity.

  • It validates the ability to successfully lead projects, including planning, organizing, and controlling project activities.

  • Level C certification focuses on the application of project management methodologies, stakeholder management, risk management, and team leadership.


The assessment steps

The assessment steps for individuals are applied to each of the IPMA certification levels independently, i.e. when candidates meet the competence requirements, they can apply directly for the desired Level. You do not need to start at level D and move your way up to C and B and A!

IPMA Level C: Certified Project Manager

This IPMA certification requires that the candidate has acted in a project management role within a moderately complex project environment within an organisation.

Eligibility criteria:

  • within the last six years, the candidate needs to have a minimum of three years experience as a project manager within projects of moderate complexity

  • or a minimum of three years’ experience in a responsible project management role assisting the project manager in complex projects.

IPMA South Africa envisions a future where industries thrive through effective project management, collaboration and the latest methodologies and best practices. We offer: international certifications, events, knowledge sharing community, self-development activities and much more.
Certification pricing

Level A 


Level B


Level C


Level D





The re-certification period for levels A to D is due 5 years after initial certification. IPMA re-certification follows the same process for levels A, B and C; however, re-certification for Level D requires the candidate to rewrite the Level D exam.

It is therefore recommended that Level D candidates consider certification at Level C or higher. Should you wish to apply for re-certification please contact us via the contact form.

Process and how to apply?


  • Express interest to IPMA-SA for certification

  • Complete application form

  • Complete eligibility check

  • Write exam

  • Complete extended interview

  • Receive certification


Certified professionals are registered.

If you are looking for project, programme and portfolio managers who have proven competences, look for IPMA certified professionals. Certified professionals are registered in the international database.

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