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Welcome to the IPMA-SA 2023/24 awards! Just by reading this you have taken a step towards achieving your well earned recognition!

IPMA-SA is launching its first ever Awards and in doing so, providing a platform for all SA project managers to share their experiences and show off their skills and capabilities.


Compete with your project management peers in the following categories:

The IPMA-SA Awards leads up towards the IPMA Global Excellence Awards that is held yearly with the gala being held at different locations each year (more information can be found by following this link:


By participating in the IPMA-SA awards you automatically increase your chance to be chosen as a finalist at the IPMA Global Excellence Awards as all assessments are done according to the same criteria and providing you with feedback on ways to improve. The feedback can be used to tailor your application that can then be submitted towards the Global Excellence Awards.


IPMA-SA will support all South African Award category winner submissions towards the Global Excellence Awards.

Submissions towards the IPMA-SA Awards are free (except for some time to complete the submission) so there is no reason not to participate!


Keep an eye out as regular information on the Awards will be shared on this site.

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